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We treat them like the Family they are

Providing help with the missing nutrients a dog's body needs to work effectively. Easily digestible to better help a dog's body absorb the dense nutrients in each treat. This drastically reduces the chances of disease, infection, fatigue, and expensive vet bills.

100% Organic Homemade Nutrition DogGanic Treats LLC are not only barkalicious. They are healthy, nutrient dense and beneficial. Whether you are giving the treats as an expression of love, using for training and rewarding, high value nutritious and healthy treats will help build a long lasting bond.
Take control of your pet’s health Our dogs depend on us to provide them with healthy nourishment that is full of nutrients and supplements that will help them live their best lives. Good nourishment makes their coats healthier, gives them more energy, and boosts their immune systems, helping them fight off diseases. Being more intentional with your dog’s diet can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle, just like it does for us when we are intentional with ours.


Organic non-GMO ingredients locally sourced as much as possible


Basic necessary ingredients that a body needs and help a body stay healthy


Never any fillers or preservatives

My dog Starlight absolutely loves

My dog Starlight absolutely loves these and her tail starts wags crazy when I pull out these treats!

Meredith Canaan

I have 2 standard poodles

I have 2 standard poodles and in our extended family we have 8 total, and they ALL love these treats! They go crazy when they see me reach for the bag and they just want more and more. However, as a nutritionist that focus on food as medicine and prevention and overcoming chronic disease, what I love the most are the quality ingredients and the fact that they are so clean that I could eat them and I have tried some of them… and yes, they tasted delicious to me as well. I’ve had dogs for over 30 years and very rarely gave them commercial dog treats because of the processed and chemical ingredients they contain, and I do believe these commercial ingredients in dog treats and dog food are causing the same chronic illnesses in dogs as in people. I’ve used food based treats that I’ve made or just real food as treats for as long as I can remember. However, I love Dogganic Treats for them because they meet all my standards and I don’t have to make them myself AND, my dogs absolutely love them!

Xonna C.

My dog absolutely loves this

My dog absolutely loves this brand! It makes me happy to give him treats that don’t upset his stomach and are healthy at the same time. Thank you Dogganic Treats for this groundbreaking option.


Love the ingredients

I love to eat natural foods, now I can feed my dog the same. Love it!

David F.

My pup just love them.

I love the fact I can give my pup homemade dog treat. I love that it does not have any preservatives and the are made with organic fresh ingredients.

Kristi J.

I have one of those

I have one of those pups that wants to eat everything but can stomach almost nothing. After introducing the DogGanic treats; Rico and i are much happier and i have had a lot less stress in what i would find when i got home from work.

thank you Kara!

Jeffrey I.

Simple the best!

I found Dogganic Treats at an adoption event. I bought a bag and my pups just loved it.

Cathy S.

DogGanics Treats LLC is proud to Give Back!

With every purchase, a portion will be donated to a shelter or a local rescue. Click on the logos to learn more about our favorite rescues & shelter friends.

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Her focus is ensuring animals’ quality of life through nutrition… Just like us humans, Food is Medicine for your dog too!